Monday, December 10, 2012

Harken by Kaleb Nation

Do you guys know who Kaleb Nation is? I'm sure you do. And if you don't, well, you should. So...get on that please. Because he's awesome and I may or may not have had a crush on him since I found his Youtube videos a few years ago as a young middle school fangirl.

Kaleb has been working on his SECRET KALEB BOOK for freaking ever now, and everyone has been dying to get some information about it.

And we finally have some information!

Here, why don't I just let Kaleb explain what this book is all about:

It started off with a few announcements and a super special mailing list and the title reveal and a live webcast, and now we have the cover reveal. You can watch the video below to see the awesome cover.

I absolutely love the cover. I love that it's dark and mysterious and intriguing and not too flashy but also cool enough that it would draw your attention in the bookstore.

I also love the hand thing. Kaleb has been telling all his fans to write things like Don't Trust Anyone and #SecretKalebBook and #Harken on their hands for awhile now, and though we didn't completely understand why we were doing it, we did it anyway because we're such loyal Nationeers.

(On a side note: This is actually a bit alarming. What if Kaleb told us to, I don't know, form an army or something? WE WOULD TOTALLY DO IT.)


And it's so cool to see the hand on the book cover because it means there was an actual reason why we were writing it on our hands!

Anyway, you probably want a summary of the book, so here you go:

After surviving an assassination attempt, teenager Michael Asher discovers that he is at the center of a worldwide conspiracy higher than any earthly power. A supernatural organization with authority over world leaders, celebrities, and the wealthy desperately wants him dead. He doesn't know why. Everyone who might have the answers has already been killed.
Tumbling into a web of international secrets, Michael is forced to fight back and dig up the truth. He begins to question how much of the world is truly as people are led to believe it is. What is humanity not being told? Who is the puppet master? And how far into the maze can he venture before he is lost forever?

Does that sound awesome, or does that sound awesome?! Be sure to check out the Goodreads page and add it to your to-read list!

Kaleb read the first chapter during his live webcast, and let me tell you, it was so cool. You have no idea how badly I want to read the entire book!

If this post has sparked your interest (which I'm sure it has, because come on) you should head on over to the official website to find out ALL THE THINGS about this book. You can also sign up for the mailing list so you get information before everyone else. :)

I feel like Harken is the kind of book I've been waiting to see in the YA world. A supernatural conspiracy theory sounds exciting and unique, and I think it's definitely going to be a Big Freaking Deal once it's released.

Everything about this book sounds crazy exciting, and I'm so happy for Kaleb Nation. If you aren't already stalking following him at various places on the internet, here are a few links:

Kaleb's Youtube channel
Kaleb's Twitter
Kaleb's Tumblr

And I think that's pretty much all you need to know. Are you excited? I know I am. :D


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