Monday, October 14, 2013

Rachel Rambles About The Chaos of Stars

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White
From Goodreads:
Isadora’s family is seriously screwed up.

Of course, as the human daughter of Egyptian gods, that pretty much comes with the territory. She’s also stuck with parents who barely notice her, and a house full of relatives who can’t be bothered to remember her name. After all, they are going to be around forever—and she’s a mere mortal.

Isadora’s sick of living a life where she’s only worthy of a passing glance, and when she has the chance to move to San Diego with her brother, she jumps on it. But Isadora’s quickly finding that a “normal” life comes with plenty of its own epic complications—and that there’s no such thing as a clean break when it comes to family. Much as she wants to leave her past behind, she can’t shake the ominous dreams that foretell destruction for her entire family. When it turns out there may be truth in her nightmares, Isadora has to decide whether she can abandon her divine heritage after all.

Oh my gosh, you guys. OH MY GOSH. This book. THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF LITERATURE. I can't even.

I'm a huge fan of Kiersten White, so I've been anticipating this book for a long time. I had some really high expectations, and let me tell you...this book did not disappoint!

Shall we make a list of all the things I love about The Chaos of Stars?

We shall.

Egyptian mythology- Before I read this book, I thought of myself as more of a Greek mythology girl. I really didn't know much about Egyptian mythology, but now? Now I think it's freaking awesome! Egyptian mythology for the win!

San Diego setting- I've never been to San Diego, but this book makes me want to hop on a flight immediately and visit some of the places where Isadora spends her time. The setting is so rich, and I love the modern backdrop to a story with elements of ancient mythology. It's really awesome to read a story about Egyptian gods that's not set in Egypt!

Awesome main character- I love Isadora with all my heart. She might be one of my favorite protagonists of all time. She's strong and funny and stubborn and angry and realistic, and I was able to relate to her in so many ways (you know, minus the whole "Egyptian gods as parents" thing). Another teenage character that Kiersten White totally nailed. 

Emphasis on family- I didn't realize how few family stories I read until this book. The Chaos of Stars is about Isadora's strained relationship with her family, especially her mother. Growing up with Egyptian gods for relatives isn't easy, and as a result, Isadora has to learn how to deal with her anger and frustration. She spends time away from her family during the book, and in that time, she begins to appreciate and understand her family in a way she'd never been able to before.

Fun group of friends- Once Isadora gets to San Diego, she meets a few friends, who become important parts of the story. Unlike a lot of books, the friends don't fall to the sidelines as a quirky bunch of characters used mainly for comic relief. Tyler in particular is a really developed character who is crucial to the story, and I love how her friendship with Isadora gets stronger throughout the book.

Cute boy- Oh, Kiersten White and your cute boys. I thought no one would top Lend from Paranormalcy, but oh, how wrong I was. I totally fell in love with Ry from the very first page he was on. The relationship between Isadora and Ry is totally adorable and swoon-worthy, but it isn't the main focus of the book at all, which I really appreciate.

I could probably continue listing things I love about this book for a long time, but I think I've covered all the main points, so I'll leave it at that and let you fall in love with this story for myself. I think The Chaos of Stars is absolutely brilliant, and it might just be my favorite Kiersten White book yet.

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