Friday, April 5, 2013

Random Ramble: Doctor Who

I feel like I'm the last person in the entire world to watch Doctor Who, but I have finally started watching it! I just finished the second season, so I still have a long way to go, but I thought I'd share my thoughts and feelings with the internet before I continued. Because if I know anything about the internet, it's that Doctor Who is a sort of religion on here. It actually terrifies me how obsessed some of you people are.

Okay, so I actually started watching the first season back in about October or November. Yes, I started with the first season WAY BACK IN 2005. I don't understand why you wouldn't! From what I understand about this crazy-intense Doctor Who fandom, a lot of people seem to skip Nine?! This doesn't make sense to me because I think Nine is awesome! Why would you want to skip him?! 
C'mon, how can you not love him?
So I started off being mildly interested by the show. I thought some episodes were pretty good, some were just strange, and some I didn't like. And yeah, the special effects made me laugh pretty hard at first. But there was one specific episode that changed everything for me, and that episode was episode 9: The Empty Child. It's the "are you my mummy" episode, aka THE CREEPIEST AND MOST AWESOME EPISODE EVER. All of a sudden I went from kind of enjoying the show and watching an episode every few weeks to becoming well on my way to developing an obsession.

The Empty Child made me realize that, hey, this show is kind of awesome. I tend to prefer the episodes that take place in the past, as opposed to the crazy we're-on-a-spaceship-in-the-year-3894629864916-with-a-bunch-of-weird-aliens ones. I loved that this episode took place during World War II and um, also, CAPTAIN JACK SHOWED UP SO THAT WAS PRETTY GREAT.

*makes weird squeaky fangirl noise*
After that episode, I started watching the show a lot more frequently. My sisters and I picked up after that episode one day and ended up watching the rest of the first season and the entire second season in about two weeks. We were really against the whole regeneration thing at first, and we were all "BUT THIS DOCTOR IS PERFECT NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER BE AS PERFECT AS HIM--oh my god who is that oh hello David Tennant oh wow okay I understand now OMG DAVID TENNANT IS WEARING GLASSES I'M IN LOVE."

So yes, we totally approve of David Tennant now. :D But even as we were watching the second season, I was still kind of like "okay, this show is pretty good, but I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with it."



I had heard this particular episode was going to be really emotional and painful, but I was still in the "well, I don't see how it could be that bad, it's just Doctor Who" mindset.

It's just Doctor Who.

Watch Doctor Who, they said. IT WOULD BE FUN, THEY SAID.


I cried SO HARD during the season finale. ROSE TYLER. ROSE FREAKING TYLER. Oh wow. I was so not expecting to have such an intense response to A SIMPLE TELEVISION SHOW. But I did and I felt ALL THE FEELS and just no I am not okay after watching that episode I am not okay at all.

So thanks, tumblr and all my Doctor Who obsessed friends who were all like "oh look this is such a fun and entertaining show YOU'LL LOVE IT." Thank you for causing all these emotions and feelings and PAIN in my life.

I guess it was that episode that made me realize that I was obsessed with the show. I mean, I'm still at the point where I think some episodes are...not good (season 2 episode 10: Love & Monsters, anyone? What even was that? Elton and Moaning Myrtle and just...WTF?) so I'm not like "THIS SHOW IS PERFECTION EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS AMAZING," but yeah, I think it's safe to say that I'm a pretty big fan now.

So now I have to keep watching. I haven't started season 3 yet, but I guess I'll have to do that soon. And according to the internet, I will be experiencing a lot more FEELS as the show goes on.


I'm sure a lot of you internet people watch Doctor Who, so congratulations, I am officially ONE OF YOU. I seriously found myself googling where to buy a sonic screwdriver the other day, and my sister tried to convince me to pay for half of a TARDIS mini fridge to keep in our room.

Okay, I have to admit that a TARDIS mini fridge is totally something I need in my life.
So I guess this is my official announcement to the internet that I now watch Doctor Who. If you're a Doctor Who fan, what was your experience like when you first started watching the show? Did you love it right away or did it take awhile? Who is your favorite Doctor? I'm really curious, so TELL ME EVERYTHING, PLEASE. And if you don't watch Doctor Who, GOOD. DON'T DO IT. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. (in a good way)

*All the GIFs are from tumblr MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER a dark and terrifying place. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.


  1. Welp. Good job. You just made an adult hyperventilate. Hope you're feeling good about yourself.

    OMG SEASON TWO. I can't. I have too many feelings. Ten/Rose. OMG. (I wrote a paper in college analyzing the episode Tooth and Claw for a Gothic Theory class. It remains my all-time favorite episode.)

    I resisted Eleven for a long, long time...I have since come around on him, but I will never love any Doctor as much as Ten. LOVE. The Ponds, on the other hand, I took to immediately. (Well. Amy Pond. Rory Williams. But when you meet them you'll understand why it's her surname that sticks.)


  2. Pardon me while I freak out for a moment OMGYAYAYAYAYOMGOMGYAY
    I started watching this one day because Jacob (my husband) was like "we need a new show to watch, so let's just try Doctor Who since it's in the queue." He lost interest and stopped watching halfway through the first episode (yeah, it's kind of terrible, so it's understandable,) but I'd heard all about how the first few episodes aren't that great so I stuck with it. And quickly fell in love. (He has since decided to watch it and also really likes it,
    but not on the same obsessive level that I do :P)

    First off, I find it amusing that you don't care for the spacey episodes because they're my favorite :P Although, The Empty Child was the first episode I really loved, as well.

    Second, yeah, the season finale. I finished watching sometime in the early a.m. hours of the morning/night and was just sitting on my couch bawling into a blanket. It was ugly; there was snot and everything (tmi, I know.) And then what did I do? Went back and rewatched the last five minutes because I didn't want to let go.

    I rather liked Nine, adored Ten, but fell in love with Eleven. There was a time I thought Ten was my true (fictional) love and simply refused to accept the idea of a new Doctor, but then Eleven came along with his weird quirkiness, loud anger, & heart on his sleeve, and completely stole my heart. I am really not looking forward to this year's Christmas special and regeneration.

    And then there's the companions. From favorite to least favorite: Rory and Amy (Rory is purposefully listed before Amy ;]); Rose; Donna; and Martha.
    I hated Donna at first because her first appearance was directly after Rose and she was loud and obnoxious, but when her real companion time rolled around it was hard not to fall in love. She says how she feels no matter who it's to and she does NOT like the Doctor like /that/. I really enjoyed this because it was about time the Doctor had a companion who simply wanted to travel with him because she wanted to travel, not because she harbored a crush. Don't get me wrong, I love Rose's and the Doctor's relationship, but Martha's unrequited crush was annoying to me.
    But the Ponds <3 They're my favorite because they become the Doctor's best friends. It's not a relationship dynamic you see with him before the Ponds. And gosh, Rory is just the best. He's clueless and adorable and a freaking badass when he wants to be.

    So, I see that I've written you a book here which means it's probably a good time for me to say toodle-loo ;P