Friday, August 8, 2014

Katherine Rambles About the Equilibria Series

Wave Singers by Echo Fox
From Goodreads:
The only future that eighteen year old Merry Malone sees for herself is one involving music. She needs to win a music scholarship or all her dreams will come to nothing. 
However, the discovery of a mysterious locket leads Merry to a faraway land, with strange customs and an even stranger people, the Mer. Music plays a magical role here and Merry finds herself warming to this alternate reality.
In an epic battle to free the Mer from their tyrant king, should Merry trust Leander, her childhood best friend or Dylan, a man of the Mer? 

Earth Drummers by Echo Fox
From Goodreads:

Gentian is tiptoeing uncomfortably around his grieving father and headstrong twin sister, doing as he’s told for the sake of peace. However, when strange fire-filled dreams start to take over his nights, Gentian faces a tricky decision. Should he go ahead with his own arranged marriage, his future all planned out before him? Or should he accept the Shaman’s offer of becoming his initiate and learning about Earth magic? With his animal totem Tern to guide him, will Gentian be able to make his choice before his entire world spirals out of control?

I enjoyed both of these two stories. Both used their fantasy elements well and Glossary was helpful if I needed to review some of the terms used to create it. I also enjoyed the way that some mythology was used. Each story was a little slow getting into, but as the end neared I became more invested with each story.

When Merry finds the locket with her friend Lender she gets swept into a new world she had never known about. The world of the Mer, or mermaids that help her better understand herself. As Merry starts to learn about all the new things the reader is brought along with her on this journey.

I really enjoyed the details that were put into the mermaid’s transformations as well as the descriptions of their appearances as mermaids though at times it was difficult to understand which form the characters were in. The settings varied and were done wonderfully. Some of my favorite part took place within the small village where the journeyed to. It was the perfect place to get more characterization and I was able to understand the characters and their relationships the best here. Somne events and actions begin there that start the movement of the plot.

If I had to choose my favorite between the two I would have to choose Earth Drummers. The ending of Wave singers set up for a new story about the other parts of Pangea. This story focuses on Gentian and his twin sister. I really loved the dynamic between the pair. One of my favorite parts of the whole story was learning about their totems, which are animal guides that each person is granted at the time of their birth. Gentian’s totem Tern has great personality and added to the story. Gentian faces a large decision after experiencing terrifying dreams that maybe could predict the future. I was able to understand the deliberation he went through about how it would affect the way they lived and how it might change the opinions of his father. 

After he decides, the pace of the story picks up and made for a great fantasy read. It shows how his decision affected the Stronghold where they lived and the people around him for the better and the worse. Each action had some form of consequence. Later in the story Gen has the opportunity to see the other parts of Pangea that lead to the set-up for the next stories about the trials and tribulations that are occurring throughout the land.

I enjoyed both stories and am very excited to read the third one when it comes out so that I can learn more about the land of Pangea.

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