Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Seven #1

Hey everyone! So we have decided to start A BRAND NEW THING called the Saturday Seven. Every Saturday, we'll pick a book-related topic and make a list of seven books that are about that topic. We picked Saturday because it's a day we'll usually have time to blog on, and seven because SEVEN IS A MAGICAL NUMBER. Because of Harry Potter. Seven books! Seven horcruxes! Seven years at Hogwarts! etc, etc!

And also because of one of our favorite TV shows ever, FRIENDS:

SEVEN! (Source)
Today's topic: BOOKS THAT TAKE PLACE AT BOARDING SCHOOLS. Because we have always been kind of obsessed with books that take place at boarding schools. I don't really know why, but they are just so awesome and I want to live inside the story and go to school there.

The list, in no particular order (Click the title to go to the Goodreads page):

1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Rachel: Well, duh. I mean, these are obviously the best books ever and I dream about going to Hogwarts all the time. Hogwarts is not a school, it is a home that I feel like I already live in. I can't accurately describe my feelings about Harry Potter, because really. It's Harry Freaking Potter! So yeah, I think we can all agree that Hogwarts is the best boarding school ever.

Megan: Can I just point out that at one point Rachel thought Harry Potter was stupid until I MADE her read it? I on the other hand have wanted to live in Hogwarts since I was a kid. It is the best school in existance! I mean, come on people, who wouldn't want to have Snape and McGonagall as their teacher??

Rachel: Yes. It's true. I'm quite ashamed. I never read Harry Potter until this past summer (when I read the entire series in about a week and a half). So I didn't get to grow up with Harry like the rest of my generation because I never bothered reading the books and that makes me kind of sad but hey, I AM OBSESSED NOW SO ALL IS WELL.

2. Looking for Alaska by John Green
Rachel: This books makes Culver Creek seem like the most amazing place ever. I want to hang out with the main characters in the Smoking Hole and eat Burfriedos and drive around in Blue Citrus with my friends and pull pranks and have the best school experience ever.

Megan: This place is so, SO much better than our school. Seriously. I want to live at Culver Creek and spend my time hanging out with ALL OF THE CHARACTERS. And I really really want a Burfriedo, because they sound like the best things ever!

Rachel: It occurs to me now that this school does in fact have a flaw... THE EVIL SWAN. I would only want to go to this school if the swan did not exist, because I value my life.

3. Evernight series by Claudia Gray
Rachel: A school full of vampires?! Perfection! This is one of my favorite series ever, and I would die of excitement if I had the chance to go to Evernight Academy. It's dark and gothic and creepy and the perfect atmosphere for a vampire story. I just want to wander around the school in the middle of the night and have vampires pop out at me and threaten to suck my blood and stuff. *stares dreamily into distance*

Megan: Evernight Academy is another one of the best places ever! I want to go there and hang out with Ranulf and Vick, and Balthazar and Lucas, and Bianca, and all of the amazing main characters in this book!

4. The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson
Rachel: Boarding school + ghosts + awesome and funny characters = amazing book. The school is in England, which makes it even cooler because I love England. Despite the scariness of like, ghosts and stuff, I would still go to Wexford in a heartbeat.

Megan: I would go to Wexford! I want to go to England really badly anyway, so I think I would  fit in perfectly. Although I'm not totally sure how well I'd handle the whole murderous ghost situation, I'd find some way to make it work.

5. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Rachel: A BOARDING SCHOOL IN FRANCE WHY CAN'T I GO THERE?! I mean, really. Between the yummy food and the cute boys, this school is freaking perfect.

Megan: CAN I GO THERE NOW PLEASE?!?!?! Basically my reasoning for wanting to go is this: 1. Boarding schools are awesome, 2. It's in France, 3. Boarding schools are awesome, and 4. ST. CLAIR GOES THERE OMG. That's all that really needs to be said!

Rachel: *nods* Amazing logic. I totally agree with all of it.

6. Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins 
Rachel: Megan hasn't read these books and I've only read the first one so far, but I know already that this school is one of the best places ever. It is full of teenagers who are witches, faeries, and shapeshifters, which is so awesome I can't even handle it. I mean, how can this book not be amazing? (I would totally wanna be a witch like Sophie, by the way, because witches are obviously the coolest ever.)

7. Variant by Robison Wells
Rachel: Again, Megan hasn't read this book yet but HOLY CRAP THIS SCHOOOOL! I definitely would not want to attend Maxfield Academy because it's scary and mysterious and uh, just no. BUT it makes the list because it is still a really good book that takes place at a boarding school. It's creepy and weird and terrifying and an amazing read!

So I'm still waiting on my acceptance letter to any one of these schools (except Maxfield!) and if you find it could you please give it to me? Maybe it got lost in the mail or something...

Anywho. Hopefully you liked our little Saturday Seven thingie. We plan on doing more in the future, so please let us know your thoughts in the comments! Do you think we should continue these lists? Do you have any ideas for future lists? Do you just like commenting on blogs? All feedback is greatly appreciated! :)
Also, does anyone else share our obsession with books that take place at boarding schools? Because if you do, we should be best friends. I am just saying.


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