Sunday, June 23, 2013

What High Schoolers Read - Video

After reading an article on NPR called "What Kids Are Reading, In School and Out" and watching some video responses to the article, Megan and I realized we had a lot to say about the topic.  We thought we could offer an important perspective to the article (you know, since we actually are high schoolers) so we decided to make our own video response.

Original article
Rincey at RinceyReads video
Monica at monielynn5 video

This video is pretty much just our unedited thoughts. We sat down, turned the camera on, and started talking. So it's a very raw conversation as opposed to a clean this-is-the-point-we're-trying-to-make type of situation. We hope you'll find it interesting to watch!

If you've watched our video (or read the article and skipped the video because wow I ain't wasting my time watching these two losers ramble on and on for ten minutes) let us know your thoughts on the subject down in the comments, here or on YouTube. It's been really interesting to watch this discussion grow and reach different people, and we'd love to see it continue! Everyone has a different perspective, so let us know what yours is.

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  1. I agree with you guys pretty much 100%
    I understand that maybe the books that are targeted at Teens might not have the 'vocab' for a teen, but seriously, 5th graders might not be ready to read about abuse or physical relationships or whatever. I had to read the entire Odyssey. That sucked when I had to do that a few years ago. I don't don't usually dislike school books There have maybe been 3... books that I really hated in the past two years of school.