Saturday, February 22, 2014

Introducing: Katherine!

An exciting thing is happening here at Read Write Ramble. Our team of two is becoming a team of three! We're very happy to announce that our friend Katherine is going to be joining us as a blogger. Katherine is our IRL friend who loves books as much as we do, and I think we've all felt like her addition to Read Write Ramble was inevitable, so it's about time that she finally joins us. :)

For those of you who've been around awhile, the name Katherine probably sounds familiar. That's because she has gone with us to pretty much every author signing we've been to, as well as BEA. (So has my sister, Lauren, but she's not becoming a Read Write Ramble blogger...yet. :P) So we talk about Katherine in most of our author signing event recaps. Here are some pictures to refresh your memory:

Lauren, Rachel, Katherine, Megan at Spring into the Future tour (we actually surprised Katherine by taking her to this signing for her birthday)
Lauren, Rachel, MAUREEN JOHNSON!!!!!, Katherine, Megan 
Lauren, Katherine, Rachel, Megan at BEA
Bonus picture of Katherine and Megan reading. Proof that Katherine loves books!
We're still in the process of figuring out how exactly Katherine is going to fit into Read Write Ramble, but we figured we'd introduce her as soon as possible so she can start blogging with us. Please bear with us as we make some adjustments to the site. Profile pictures and bios will change before your very eyes. :)

Like Rachel said, we're really excited to welcome Katherine to the blog! She should be able to provide some new content to the blog, since she's read some books that even Rachel and I haven't yet. Plus hopefully having three people will mean MORE FREQUENT BLOG POSTS.

Anyway, Katherine is basically the coolest person ever. All of our IRL friends like to refer to her as Momma Katherine because she takes  care of all of us and keeps us from doing anything stupid (okay MOSTLY from doing anything stupid). Katherine is that friend who always has a napkin when you spill something all over yourself during lunch. She's also the nicest person I've ever met in my entire life. 
Katherine may or may not have a slight obsession with puppies. She thinks they're super cute and if I were to show her a picture like this, she would become very, very squeaky. So here you go Katherine, enjoy this puppy dressed up as Harry Potter. 

Katherine also runs the Book Club that we started at school last year with Rachel and I. Katherine is every bit as awesome and Rachel and I, if not more so. I'm so excited to finally be introducing her officially to blogging and all of our Internet friends! I know you guys are going to love her! Without further ado, here's Katherine to tell you a bit about herself!

Wow. This is super exciting and am quite honored to be part of this amazing blog. Though I wouldn't call myself more awesome than Rachel or Megan (I think we are equally awesome) I hope I'll be a good enough addition to Read Write Ramble and live up to the standards that Megan and Rachel set. You probably won't remember, but I made a guest post a while back, but now I'm here for good!  So as previously stated I'm Katherine and I love books (go figure).  I also consider myself a decent baker, so if anyone needs a recipe I can help! With the help of tumblr and some other people I also partly enabled Rachel and Megan's Doctor Who and Sherlock watching. When I'm not reading, I'm at school, practicing for band, on tumblr or watching anything. Thanks for this lovely signature and great welcome to the blog!


Katherine's Twitter
Katherine's Tumblr
Katherine's Goodreads 
Go forth and stalk Katherine on the internet!

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