Monday, January 21, 2013

Rachel Rambles About Feedback

Feedback by Robison Wells (Variant #2)
From Goodreads:
Benson Fisher escaped from Maxfield Academy’s deadly rules and brutal gangs.

Or so he thought.

But now Benson is trapped in a different kind of prison: a town filled with hauntingly familiar faces. People from Maxfield he saw die. Friends he was afraid he had killed.

They are all pawns in the school’s twisted experiment, held captive and controlled by an unseen force. As he searches for answers, Benson discovers that Maxfield Academy’s plans are more sinister than anything he imagined—and they may be impossible to stop.

If you haven't read Variant, beware of spoilers! (Also go read Variant immediately because it's awesome!)

I have some mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, it was twisted and disturbing, and my reaction when I finished was basically: "HOLY CRAP WOAH WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" But on the other hand, I was expecting more from this book. I wanted to love it just as much as I loved Variant, or possibly more, but I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with this book.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Feedback. It's just that after something completely awesome and crazy that blew my mind, like Variant, Feedback didn't really live up to that.

I think the biggest reason that I had problems with Feedback was the lack of the boarding school atmosphere. The boarding school was so essential to the plot of Variant, and when you take it away, the story definitely loses a lot of what made me love it in the first place. 
That said, I thought the plot of Feedback was still intriguing and twisted and suspenseful. After being trapped in the boarding school for the entirety of the first book, and finally escaping at the very end, Benson ends up trapped again for the duration of Feedback, although this time he's trapped in a very different kind of place. As a reader, I felt just as trapped and hopeless as Benson did, which I thought was terrifying but also amazing. 

Ahhhh, my feelings are so mixed!

If you enjoyed Variant, I do think Feedback is worth reading. At the very least, you'll get to know how it all ends. Just be prepared for it to not be as mind-blowing-ly awesome as the first book.


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  1. I seriously want to just punch Feedback right in the face.
    Variant was so FREAKING awesome so I was seriously pumped to read the sequel. And what do I find between the pages of Feedback? A whole bunch of boring pseudo-mysteries and one crazy whacked up ending that explains basically nil.
    I'm /pretty/ sure Feedback was the last book, but I suppose I could be wrong. I'm really not quite sure where it could go from here anyways.

    Don't get me wrong, I was still curious to know about the inner workings of the school and the minds behind it, so that mystery was there, but it felt just a little too drawn out. I mean, they're all just spending time in this camp basically just talking about why it sucks and that they want to leave but nothing happens for a looooooong time.
    And then.
    What on this green earth was that ending about?!
    You're just going to put this weird monstery thing in there and call it a day? Nope. Nu-uh. Not working for.

    Okay, now that I've left a long, ranty book of a comment I think I'll just go...