Friday, December 9, 2011

Megan Rambles About Clockwork Prince

Ordinarily, I would celebrate the fact that I won Nanowrimo. BUT......MY HEART IS BROKEN. Maybe that was a little strong. Maybe you are now freaked out. OH WELL. I apologize. BUT, I have just read a book that LITERALLY took my heart, threw it on the ground, SMASHED IT, and then continued to jump up and down on top of the pieces. So, THANK YOU Cassandra Clare, for torturing me in a way that only your books can. NOW, on to my attempt to make this review COHERENT.

See the description on Goodreads:

Such a pretty cover for such an evil book huh?
This is the second book in the Infernal Devices Series, and in case you can't tell, I am OBSESSED. *weird stare* *eye twitch* ANWAY, so I've met Cassie Clare 3 times now, and Michelle Hodkin once(a post about that to come) and they are both amazing people. All that funny banter in Cassie's books? SHE IS JUST AS FUNNY IN PERSON. Trust me. Okay, I'm getting off track. See how much talking about this book pains me? I'm RAMBLING  about random things to avoid it.

The book picks up about a week after the end of Clockwork Angel, (which if you've read it, is a pretty sad ending itself). Charolette is in danger of losing the Institute to Benedict Lightwood, The Magister is still on the loose, and Will is acting stranger than ever. So this leaves Tessa some time to get to know Jem a bit better(SWOON). So I don't want to spoil anything for you guys, because that would be TERRIBLE of me. You will get to this pain yourself once you read it.

In the beginning there is a lot of funny banter, and some great one liners that will be excellent material for t-shirts one day. (hint, hint. Be expecting to see us in New York again Cassie! With some strong words) The story progressed well and all that stuff, and then there were the make out scenes! The DSBS! And a Jem scene! And some Will and Jem bromance! All great, GREAT things! Then some SERIOUS STUFF STARTS GOING DOWN. Like read the pages as fast as you possibly can without ripping them kind of stuff. Basically the entire 400 pages or so of Clockwork Prince were amazing, and probably one of Cassie's best books yet! (I mean it! I know, weird right??)

Now. Pause here. How many of you remember Cassie telling us that she cried while writing Chapter 20 of Clockwork Prince? Well, if you follow her on twitter, or tumblr, or anything like that, you probably heard it. And if you're like me and Rachel, you were TERRIFIED. Literally, I've never been so scared to read a chapter in my entire life. If you know Cassie, then you know she isn't the type to cry while writing because something HAPPY happened. ALSO: there is a reason groups have been popping up called "The Survivors of Clockwork Prince" and things like that. JUST SAYING.

So I won't spoil it or anything. Don't worry. But I'm warning you. SERIOUS HEARTBREAK. I thought that I could handle any crazy cliff hangers and EMOTIONAL TORTURE that Cassie threw our way. Example: CITY OF FREAKING FALLEN ANGELS. That ending is a killer. (If you haven't read it yet, by all means, GO AHEAD. You'll freak out, I promise) And then Cassie reaches a whole new low and throws THIS ending at us. I'm not even sure she can fix the emotional heartbreak that she has caused in Clockwork Princess. I literally had to stop reading several times because I couldn't see the book through my tears. (Rachel declared there was no reason to live anymore. Bad I know.) This next part is for Cassie Clare. If you ever do read this, please note that the ending of that book made me wish I could hate you. But I can't, because your books are too awesome and I love you too much. But if that book wasn't signed, it would have been THROWN ACROSS THE ROOM. Just like COFA. I know that probably makes you happy as you love to torture us readers.

Okay, I think that's ENOUGH rambling about this for now, because I'm going to start crying just thinking about it. So go enjoy Clockwork Prince, suffer through Chapter 20, and Chapter 21, because Cassie was cruel enough to put another chapter after it and continue the heartbreak. You will survive, I promise. Rachel and I are still breathing for now. Although the year wait for Clockwork Princess might kill us. Happy reading! Well, not happy, but you know what I mean! Bye! *wipes eyes* *runs off*

*creeps back* *dries eyes* I'm supposed to ask everyone something. Team Will or Team Jem? Or Switzerland? Cause being Switzerland is cool too. *runs off*

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