Friday, December 30, 2011

Megan's Favorites of 2011: The Authors I Know and Love Edition!

Okay, so I lied. I'm posting this tonight. ENJOY. Also: I would like to apologize first off to Rachel. Seems like our debut author list was EXACTLY the same books, so I kind of stole her thunder. I didn't look at her list though, I swear! So, super sorry Rachel! But this list will be different, because she has read some books that I have yet to read, but they are in my PILE (which has quickly started taking over my room). I wouldn't be surprised if mountain climber people start showing up at my house to try to CLIMB the freaking thing. It's that big. So, without further rambling from me, the list of BEST AUTHORS I KNOW AND LOVE FROM 2011! (in no particular order of course)

1. Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
So, no surprise Cassie is on this list. Everything she writes is pure magic, and I love it. So basically this book was guaranteed to be on this list before I even read it. And then I did. This is the kind of book that will tear your heart out, jump up and down on top of it, and cause you emotional pain as only Cassie can. It will leave you waiting for Clockwork Princess, and crying while you're at it.

2. Supernaturally by Kiersten White
The sequel to Paranormalcy that I totally loved. Evie is just awesome and totally kick ass with her sparkly, pink tazer, and you can't help but love Lend. He's just adorable, and the relationship the two of them have is great. I can't wait to read Endlessly!

3. Red Glove by Holly Black
Guess what? I met her too! yeah I know you're probably tired of hearing that stuff by now. But I LOVE being able to say I met authors and own signed copies of their books. Holly is definitely one of my favorite authors, and one of the best. This book was the sequel to White Cat, the first in her Curse Worker's series. I loved it! There's just something so awesome about magic and the mob being thrown together.

4. Afterlife by Claudia Gray
*sniffle* okay so this came out in March, and it was the last book in Claudia Gray's Evernight Series. This is a very depressing thing!! *cries* *composes self* sorry. Right, I'm professional here......This was an awesome end to an awesome series. I'll miss Bianca and Lucas so much! *looks forward to Balthazaar and reading Fateful*

5. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Okay so I actually read this BEFORE I read Before i Fall. They're BOTH amazing books. I love the whole concept of a world where love is illegal. It sounds like the government would be completely wrong and crazy, but in some weird ways the ideas behind the lack of love sort of make sense. I guess that's why Lauren Oliver is such a freaking genius. Plus, I love Alex and Lena so, SO, SO much.

6. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
Surprise, surprise, Cassie had 2 books out in 2011, and she's on the list TWICE. Because like I said before, everything she writes is pure gold. This book also caused my emotional pain, but in a very different way. This was another one of Cassie's famous "rip your heart out" cliffhangers. *searches around for City of Lost Souls* Does anyone know how to get the book to show up quicker? Let me know if you have any ideas....

7. Okay, I'm going to put The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson on here:
I'm reading this right now, so it's KIND of cheating just a bit, but I love this book already, and Maureen is awesome. Also: you should follow her on Twitter too. She's hysterical. You'll thank me later. *remembers a time when I didn't talk in stars* *thanks Maureen for making my life better* So go read any of her books. They're amazing.

Also: quick mentioning of Kody Keplinger here! Her book Shut Out came out this year, and it is sitting IN THE PILE. BUT, I did read The Duff this year, and I LOVED IT. No one has written a friend's with benefits relationship for YA before, and it's simply awesome. I loved Bianca so much. (I love Claudia's Bianca too, but this is a different one) All of her problems were easy to relate too, and I could completely understand her. Not to mention Wesley, who I kind of loved the entire book even though you aren't totally supposed too. And then there are some pretty steamy scenes between the two of them *fans self*

Alright, so there's my list! Make sure you check out Rachel's favorites too, because there are actually some differences on these two. *has to read all of the other books on her list* *will even re-read the ones I have already read* I'm off to attack the MOUNTAIN of books forming in my room! *dashes off*


  1. Dude. I totally forgot that Afterlife came out in 2011. *eyes list* Crap. Oh well. Fateful is on there. So my love for Claudia has been established :)

  2. Lol yes. And I have used Afterlife because Fateful is in my PILE. I forgot it did too though. *is thankful for Goodreads*