Friday, December 9, 2011

That Time We Met Cassandra Clare and Michelle Hodkin... Part 1

Look familiar? It's our blog picture for a reason!!
Okay! Megan here! So, remember that tiny little thing I mentioned about us meeting Cassandra Clare in my review of Clockwork Prince? Well I WASN'T KIDDING. First, there was that Oh So Special time when we met her at a Books of Wonder event in New York for City of Fallen Angels. Cassie was there with Holly Black, and Lauren DeStefano, the authors of The Curse Workers Series, and Wither. We made puff paint t-shirts with quotes from Cassie Clare's books all over it.

So when Clockwork Prince came out and the Launch Party was set for December 6th in New York, HOW COULD WE SAY NO? Luckily, my Mom is the most awesome person ever, and drove us into New York straight after school. How excited were we? VERY. Don't believe me? Here's a picture of Rachel, her sister Lauren, and me, all waiting for the signing to start. Take one guess at what we were reading.
Like the runes? And yes, those are different shirts.
We passed the time rambling about the series, freaking out that Clockwork Prince was actually in our HANDS and not just a picture on a computer screen, and drawing RUNES on our skin with a Sharpie. This is fun, but a little warning, it does take FOREVER to come off of your skin. (The runes still aren't gone after many hours of scrubbing) This picture was taken pretty early on in the waiting, about 5:30 or so, and eventually every single one of those chairs was full. Then there was a sizable group of people standing in the back. Kody Keplinger was also up in the second row, although we didn't see her sadly.

Cassie Clare and Ed Westwick
Then, the signing started, and a VERY SPECIAL GUEST showed up to introduce Cassie. He didn't get to stay long, but it was still super AMAZING to see the one and only Ed Westwick, narrator of the Clockwork Prince Audio Book and star on Gossip Girl. (We KIND OF love him.) After introducing Cassie and posing for enough pictures to partially satisfy the crowd. We couldn't help SCREAMING with joy like the fangirls we are. Then Ed left, but it was ALL GOOD. Because Cassie stayed! She gave out some t-shirts, throwing them into the crowd. Or, I should say TRYING to throw them out into the crowd. They didn't go very far. (Sorry Cassie!) There was also the auctioning off of the GIANT display book of Clockwork Prince. Rachel and Lauren were lucky I didn't win, or they might have been taking a train home so we could fit it in the car!

Next came the much loved QUESTIONS part of the evening! Lucky enough for all of you who weren't there, the videos of the questions have been posted online! So I don't have to type out every single question for you, because you can watch the video and LISTEN to them instead. Rachel and I BOTH got to ask questions, which drew quite a few laughs from the crowd, and prompted Cassie to tell HYSTERICAL STORIES. One involved Cannibal Ducks, and the other a visit to Holly Black and a certain experience with an elevator and a FIRE AX. I'm going to put the video in this post below so everyone can watch it. The first question is me, and the second is Rachel! There are also a few other questions on this video! ALSO: HERE is the LINK to the website where I got the video from! You can watch the other two parts of the video there too! ENJOY.

ALSO: When we actually got the books SIGNED, we brought a little PRESENT for Cassie. Remember that story about the Cannibal Ducks in Clockwork Angel? We brought 3 Rubber Ducks, with "Never Trust A Duck" written across the front. A day before at a Nanowrimo party, I happened to STUMBLE across a little something called a Rubber Duck that LIGHTS UP. Yeah, that's right. He LIGHTS UP. *hugs him* I loved this duck a little bit too much, so I had Cassie SIGN HIM. And I GAVE her the OTHER duck with the quote written across it. Rachel and Lauren each had theirs signed too. Cassie loved our shirts, but couldn't take a picture because her phone was dead. When we told her we were going to see her the NEXT NIGHT at her LONG ISLAND signing too, she told us she'd take our picture there. And she did! But I'll leave that to our second post. So we got our books SIGNED, and on after thanking Cassie a million times, we left. On the way out, one of the other fans at the signing asked if she could take a picture of our arms. That was PRETTY cool. Not anywhere near as cool as checking Cassie's Tumblr the next day to see a picture of MY duck on it! Check out the link here: to see how AWESOME it is that she used MY DUCK (Okay OUR duck) for advice! WOOHOO!! *happy dances*

So THAT was quite a night!! But. IT. GOT. BETTER. To check out the super amazing adventures of RACHEL, LAUREN, AND I IN LONG ISLAND, STAY TUNED for PART TWO. Trust me, you don't want to miss it. Because it was EVEN MORE AWESOME than the Launch Party with Cassie!! Why? I'm not going to tell you! *resists stares* *sighs* OKAY FINE. *will give you ONE hint* It has SOMETHING to do with Michelle Hodkin!! That's all from me for now! Check out the post Rachel should be doing soon! BYE EVERYONE!! *WAVES EXCITEDLY* *Dashes off*

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