Friday, March 23, 2012

Rachel Rambles About The Disenchantments

The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

From Goodreads:

Colby's post-high school plans have long been that he and his best friend Bev would tour with her band, then spend a year in Europe. When Bev announces that she will start college just after the tour, Colby struggles to understand why she changed her mind and what losing her means for his future.

I love love LOVE books that center on road trips. I don't know why, but I am obsessed with them. So when I heard of this book I was like "THIS LOOKS AMAZING I MUST READ IT NOW." And then I admired the pretty cover for quite a while. So I picked this book up with some pretty high expectations. 

And wow. This book... It blew me away. It's smart and funny and thoughtful and surprising and emotional. Reading The Disenchantments, it's not hard to imagine that you're right there in the book beside the characters. Reading the book is a journey itself. 

When I picked this book up, I wasn't expecting the main character to be a teenage boy. I don't really know why I was surprised, but for whatever reason, I was. When I was introduced to Colby, he was unexpected and kind of amazing. I loved being able to see the world through his point of view. He is a really interesting main character, and I enjoyed reading about him.

Another unexpected thing? The Disenchantments is not a good band. They have a lot of passion and energy, but not so much talent. This all girl band belts out lyrics and pours their hearts into their music, but the end result isn't exactly...good. But these girls don't care if their music is good or not, and I admire them for doing what they love anyway.

During the time I was reading this book, it was really easy to get lost in the lives of Colby and Bev and Alexa and Meg as they made their way from show to show on their tour. I felt like I was right beside them as they set up stage equipment and checked into dingy motel rooms and listened to music in Melinda, their automobile of choice. And when I had to put the book down to sleep or eat or go to school or whatever, I found myself longing to be a part of The Disenchantments. There's something so shockingly captivating about the story, and I wish I could really live the lives of the characters.

Colby's journey that he embarked on, both physically and mentally, is a story that will stick with me. The characters are people I won't forget, and I will carry memories of touring with the Disenchantments as if they are my own.


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  1. I'm so glad to hear this one's good! I checked it out from the library this week since Nina along with Gayle Forman and Stephanie Perkins will be here for a signing in a couple weeks so I figured I should read their books. I look forward to reading it :]